Dave Ellingson Arts
Dave Ellingson Arts Dave Ellingson Arts

Dave Ellingson has been described as an artist with a very unique aesthetic style. Dave's travels have inspired art pieces that cover a wide-range of subject matter, from realistic to eclectic including beautiful landscapes and exotic portraits.

When browsing Dave Ellingson's Gallery, note his vivid paintings of tropical birds; parrots, macaws and other birds that would be a welcome addition to any bird lovers art collection. There are also some pieces that some have called "Venetian Art" that could add that special ambiance to a room. Dave Ellingson's colorful interpretive style would enhance any room or home's decor.

Dave offers his artwork as original art or giclée prints. These are available in a variety of sizes. To order custom sizes, please contact Dave for pricing. Enjoy browsing the Dave Ellingson Arts Gallery. Please tell your friends and come back often as we update the website regularly.

Harlequin Macaw Venice Canals Venetian Masked Beauty
Harlequin Macaw
Prices Starting At: $750.00
Venice Canals
Prices Starting At: $800.00
Venetian Masked Beauty
Prices Starting At: $1,800.00
Purple Trumpet Flower African Grey
Purple Trumpet Flower
Prices Starting At: $1,100.00
African Grey
Prices Starting At: $800.00

New Products

Scarlet Macaw
Prices Starting At: $675.00
Masked Beauty
Prices Starting At: $1,800.00
Blue and Gold Macaw
Prices Starting At: $650.00
Venetian Carnivale Queen
Prices Starting At: $1,000.00
Carnivale Mask III
Prices Starting At: $450.00