A Message From Dave Ellingson

Dave Ellingson Arts
I have loved doing artwork since I was a small child. As a form of expressing myself, or escaping to a world of imagination, art has been my mode of choice. I have been drawing, sketching, and painting through many stages of life. I am mostly self-taught, with a few drawing and painting classes scattered throughout the years. Starting of course with crayons, I noticed that I was about the only one in grade school that stayed within the lines, and wanted things just right with color and shading. The early years of appreciating realism, I guess, or early obsessive-compulsive behavior, however you choose to look at it. Over the years, I have done a lot of pen/ink, colored pencil work, since it was portable, as when shipboard as a Marine in the late teens, early twenties. During the last few years I have concentrated on acrylics. I prefer a wide range of subject matter, with interest and difficulty of execution as primary decision factors. Throughout it all, I enjoy the painting and the intensity of purpose and involvement. I hope you enjoy the work as well, and I appreciate your support.

I have worked as a horseshoer, on an ambulance as a paramedic, as an emergency room RN, and currently as an RN in outpatient surgery. I also served as a Marine, way back in the Vietnam era. All these experiences have given me, as with all of us, a perspective that may be a bit off-kilter, and slightly eclectic, but that just makes it more enjoyable. Thanks again for visiting the site.